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Our Glowing Places body oil with benefits is a luxuriously moisturizing, smoothing blend rich in lipids, ceramides, vitamins and nutrients. With skin-balancing and anti-aging benefits, this oil provides long-lasting moisture. Apply in the morning for silky skin all day long! The spray bottle allows for easy application of the oil on your body and has an easy to use lock for travel.


Ingredient highlights:

  • Organic argan oil from Morocco. Loaded with vitamin E and fatty acids that are great for adding moisture to the skin. Argan oil absorbs quickly and is non-greasy and non-irritating.
  • Watermelon seed (Kalahari) oil. Rich in vitamins and minerals, watermelon seed oil dissolves sebum, evens skin tone and reduces puffiness.
  • Organic rose hip oil from Poland. Contains provitamin A and a high concentration of essential fatty acids.
  • Organic pomegranate seed oil. Consisting mostly of omega-5 (punicic acid) this oil is incredibly nourishing for the skin. It is also one of the few plant sources for conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Pomegranate seed oil helps reduce the appearance of aging.
  • Lavender and tea tree essential oils lend a soothing, fresh aromatherapy effect


Non-toxic, all-natural ingredients, tested on ourselves and friends + family only. Chemical and preservative free. Comes in a reusable container with spray pump for time-saving dispensing and an eco-friendly label made from stone rather than petrochemicals. Refills come in 8 oz. glass bottle with metal cap instead of pump.


Directions for use: Spray directly on body or onto hands then spread on desired body parts for smooth, glowing skin from head to toe. Use right after bath or shower to lock in hydration.

Glowing Places body oil w/benefits

  • 236 ml / 8 fl oz
  • moisturizing, smoothing blend 
  • rich in lipids, ceramides, vitamins and nutrients
  • skin-balancing and anti-aging benefits