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Our Flower Balm, a 99% organic all-purpose balm, is an amazing hydrator for dry skin. Whether you use it on your lips, hands, or face, this balm excels at nourishing your skin with moisture and soothing itchy, dry skin. Unlike most hand moisturizers, this balm is non-greasy and long lasting.


Key ingredient highlights:

  • Organic sunflower oil (linoleic) from the Netherlands helps keep your skin balanced and moisturized. It contains Vitamin E plus ceramides and helps reduce signs of aging.
  • Organic Babassu oil (also from the Netherlands) is another Vitamin E-containing oil that melts into the skin and absorbs quickly. Soothes itchy, dry skin.
  • Organic Geranium essential oil is a hydrating oil that adds a pleasing floral scent to our balm.


Non-toxic, all-natural ingredients, tested on ourselves and friends + family only. Chemical and preservative free. .33 oz comes in an infinitely recyclable metal container with kraft paper label, 2 oz size comes in a glass jar with metal cap.

Flower Balm all-purpose balm

  • .33 oz or 2 oz net wt
  • natural hydrating balm for dry skin
  • 99% organic
  • a powerhouse of natural ingredients 
  • lightweight, easy to open and close eco-friendly container with twist-ff lid