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Our facial oil with argan oil is a wonderfully hydrating formula that won't clog pores. It's a soothing blend of 3 plant-based oils for clear, radiant, youthful skin. This natural, vegan product is great for all skin types including sensitive skin and can be used every day, morning and night. 


  • Organic argan oil from Morocco. Loaded with vitamin E and fatty acids that are great for adding moisture to the skin. Argan oil absorbs quickly and is non-greasy and non-irritating.
  • Organic rose hip oil from Bulgaria. Contains provitamin A and a high concentration of essential fatty acids.
  • German chamomile essential oil from Nepal. Soothing and relaxing for you and your skin.


Non-toxic, all-natural ingredients, tested on ourselves and friends + family only. Chemical and preservative free. Comes in a recyclable glass container with plastic serum pump for time-saving dispensing and an eco-friendly label made from corn rather than petrochemicals.


Directions for use: After cleansing, toning and any serum you might like to use, press gently on the serum pump to apply a small amount of oil to fingertips. Cup your hands and breathe in the aroma of chamomile before applying for a few seconds of zen. Rub fingertips together, then gently pat on face. If used daily there is enough product in this container for approximately one month.


Facial Oil

    • 15 ml / 0.5 fl oz
    • 3 beneficial oils: argan, rosehip, chamomile
    • hydrating, soothing blend for clear, radiant, youthful skin
    • won't clog pores
    • non-greasy and non-irritating