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  • Sarah Page

Non-Toxic Nails

Since the pandemic began I’ve been giving myself at-home manicures, preferring to avoid unnecessary trips to salons. I already owned some Mineral Fusion brand base polish, top coat and a couple colors which I had purchased at a health food store in San Francisco. Mineral Fusion nail polishes are vegan and “4-free,” meaning they are free of four of the toxins commonly found in nail polishes.

Looking to expand my color options I discovered Londontown, a brand whose nail polishes are “16-free.” The brand features many colors and effects like sparkle, glitter and shimmer in addition to traditional satin sheens.

Not wanting to continue using toxic nail polish removers (even the non-acetone varieties are dizzying and offensive smelling), I even found a wonderful green nail polish remover, literally named “green” from Manicurist (Paris) made with 100% bio-based ingredients. It removes polish remarkably well, has little to no odor and leaves nails looking shiny and moisturized instead of dry like most store-bought removers.

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