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  • Sarah Page

Founder Sarah Page's Skincare Routine + Favorite Products

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Nothing feels better than to have a skincare routine that works perfectly for you and also shows great results! Founder of Earth Love Cosmetics, Sarah Page, was kind enough to give us the inside scoop on her personal skincare routine, as well as what some of her holy grail products are.

In the evening, Sarah's skincare routine consists of the following steps:

  1. Earth Love Cosmetics’ The Slip to cleanse and remove makeup (massage it on wet face, use cotton pads to remove eye makeup with a little water added, and use a facecloth to wipe face clean).

  2. Second cleanse with Earth Love Cosmetics' Sweet Cheeks - if doing this step in the shower she leaves this product on as a face mask until the end of the shower.

  3. Mist face and neck with a lavender hydrosol and peptide toner she makes herself (and plans to launch soon).

  4. Apply a mix of hyaluronic and vitamin C serums.

  5. Pat on Earth Love Cosmetics’ Glow On moisturizing oil.

  6. Apply a homemade blend of oils as an eye treatment (another upcoming product).

  7. Apply a moisturizer, like Acure's Radically Rejuvenating Whipped Night Cream.

  8. Sometimes she also uses a homemade blend of oil on her lashes, and Earth Love Cosmetics’ Flower Balm on her lips, hands and feet.

Skincare products by edge of pool at night

In the morning Sarah usually washes her face with just water, and then does steps 3 through 7 except using a REN eye cream product and a lighter moisturizer by Acure.

Now that we know what Sarah's personal morning and nighttime skincare routine is, she also gives some personal shoutouts to some of the other skincare brands that she uses besides her own products.

Besides your own brand, what are some other companies/brands that you like to use, or follow and why?

Sarah Page: "One of my favorite brands is @drylandwilds. I love their approach of creating scents that evoke a place (specifically the desert) and that they make most of their own ingredients. Their brand artwork is charming and features animal characters dressed in clothes and I enjoy their Instagram posts where they show their process. I’ve been inspired by them to try making my own perfume ingredients and to upgrade my natural perfume blending skills. And I use several of their products."

"I don’t use more than one beauty product from many other brands, but I do use two eye products from REN because they work well for my sensitive skin and I also use three makeup products from w3ll people (their concealer, tinted moisturizer and face powder). I also like zuzuluxe eyeshadows and enjoy following their Instagram because they share great photos of makeup pros wearing lovely eye looks. Acure also has some nice products with the highest safety ratings from EWG and good price points. I've used the Acure moisturizers shown in the photos here and also their SPF and they're all solid products that work well."

Skincare products be edge of pool during day

Thank You Sarah Page for taking the time out of your busy schedule to again answer some of our questions. Hopefully we get to see some cool collaborations with Earth Love Cosmetics and some of her favorite brands.

Comment below what your personal skincare routine is and what your holy grail products are, and have a wonderful rest of your week Earth Lovers! 🌎💖

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