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A Q&A With Sarah Page, The Founder Of Skincare Brand Earth Love Cosmetics

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

We got the opportunity to interview and get to know who is behind the face of the up and coming clean skincare brand known as Earth Love Cosmetics. The founder, Sarah Page, was kind enough to chat with us about how she came up with the creation of her brand, what her role is in her own business, as well as what is her own personal favorite product from her brand.

Our founder in a field with ocean view

How did you start your business? What was the journey like going from just a small idea into creating an entire brand?

I started my business very organically. Originally I was making skincare products for myself because I wanted to use products that are non-toxic and natural. When I tried to find such products in the marketplace I found that products claiming to be clean or natural often were not, and when they were clean and natural they often didn’t deliver the results they claimed and/or cost a ridiculous amount of money to purchase on a regular basis. I come from a working class background and it’s difficult for me to relate to spending more than one hundred dollars on a skincare product. I create clean, natural skincare products with benefits for all skin types that come with reasonable price tags. Seeing all the plastic in the beauty industry has also motivated me to prioritize using biodegradable materials as much as possible and to develop policies around refilling of products that come with plastic components such as serum pumps. You could say I’m on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of the skincare routine.

As I found formulas that worked well for me, I shared them with friends and family who encouraged me to keep making more and to offer them for sale. I’ve read The Lean Startup and I love the process of iterating and experimenting that the lean methodology is based on, so I’ve applied these principles in starting my business and have boot-strapped to keep my costs down.

The journey going from one idea into creating an entire brand has been challenging and rewarding. I’m challenged to learn new skills and push myself to overcome various hurdles and personal weaknesses for the brand. I still have a full-time job, so much of my “free time” has been dedicated to the business which is also challenging. But the rewards have been plenty in regards to learning new skills and knowledge and meeting and working with amazing people who are also passionate about the same things as me. In my first year of business I invested in educating myself by attending several conferences, including the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild annual conference and Cosmoprof NA. This year I’m focused more on getting my products in the hands of customers but I plan to return to conferences and trade shows next year.

What are some of your day-to-day responsibilities that you have for your business?

I’m currently the “chief cook and bottle washer,” as they say, so I do everything from sourcing ingredients and packaging supplies to making products, graphic artwork for labels and marketing materials, authoring social media and blog posts, and working with some incredibly encouraging interns from SFSU business school!

What are some qualities and ingredients that you look for when creating a product?

I have sensitive and dry, maturing skin, so I look for ingredients that work well for all skin types, particularly sensitive and aging skin. I avoid ingredients that are known to potentially trigger allergies (such as safflower oil), that can be irritating for the skin (such as many essential oils), or that are potentially negatively impactful to the environment (palm oil) or laborers (castor oil). Speaking of essential oils, I only use 1% chamomile oil in my facial oils because chamomile is soothing for the skin. I prioritize fair trade, sustainable and organic ingredients. The Environmental Working Group has rated our company a level 1 which is their safest rating, so we’re confident our ingredients are safe for the environment and for people.

View of powder-based skincare cleanser from top with lid off

What is your favorite product that you have created and why?

I love and use all our products, but my favorite is the Pore Minimizer. I’ve done lots of research and tried many products for my pores. Nothing helped my blackheads. I would get a facial and have blackheads within an hour. I would use expensive face masks, salicylic acid, laser genesis treatments, steam baths, and innumerable other products. After a few weeks of using my formula for Pore Minimizer my pores cleared up and appeared smaller in size. I actually look younger since using this product. I had pore issues at the top of my nose and brow that made me look wrinkly in that area and all that has cleared up. Plus my skin glows with a youthful radiance which is a nice bonus! When I look in the mirror and the first thing I notice is how glowy and radiant my skin looks, it makes me happy because I figure that’s what others will notice first about me too (and my imperfections become less noticeable).

Natural skincare products on ledge by San Francisco Bay

It's been a pleasure to hang out with and interview the amazing Sarah Page, who is continuing the movement of clean skincare with her brand Earth Love Cosmetics, all while being a wonderful role model for future "GirlBosses" to come.

Photo of natural skincare founder Sarah Page at beach

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