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Dry skin bothering you? Try these simple tips

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

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I have dry, sensitive skin year-round which becomes worse in winter. I’m not suffering as much as I used to from dehydrated or dry skin due to several tactics I’ve picked up from research and listening to skincare professionals.

  1. The first step in dealing with dry skin is to figure out the type of dryness you’re experiencing. Your skin may need more hydration or more locking in of moisture, or both (like me). If your skin is dehydrated, it may appear dull and fine lines and wrinkles will be more noticeable. You may notice with dehydrated skin that you’re putting on moisturizer but your skin is still dry and feels tight. Dry skin is a skin type that lacks sufficient sebum (your skin’s oil), and those with the dry skin type will likely be dry all over, including hands and scalp. Dehydrated skin is temporary, though as we age our skin loses some capacity to maintain its hydration.

  2. For dehydrated skin, look for products containing water-based ingredients, like hydrosols or aloe-vera juice, and humectants. Hyaluronic acid and sea algae are also powerful natural hydrating ingredients. Two products I’ve been using to increase the hydration levels of my skin are made by Derma-E: their Purifying Youth Serum and Hydrating Mist. You can also spritz your face with a hydrosol for a quick drink for your skin, but I caution against overdoing it as the water may pull hydration from your skin when it evaporates. Rosewater and geranium hydrosols are great options, but it is best to combine them with a bit of oil to seal in the moisture and keep it from evaporating.

  3. For dry skin, look for moisturizers that contain ingredients that prevent water loss and improve the barrier of the skin like ceramides and fatty acids. I’ve been using both a facial oil and a moisturizer. During the day I use Earth Love Cosmetics Treatment Facial Oil because it is lightweight and helps reduce the appearance of pores, and at night I use Earth Love Cosmetics Facial Oil for increased moisturizing. Over the Facial Oil I apply Knours One Perfect Cream which is a very emollient cream that’s great for winter.

  4. With dehydrated and dry skin you want to be sure you’re cleansing your face in a way that won’t strip it of oils. I remove makeup at night using Earth Love Cosmetics Cleansing Oil which is deep cleansing and removes makeup without drying out your skin. I follow that with Earth Love Cosmetics Gentle Cleanser for a second cleanse and sometimes will leave it on as a mask to maximize its smoothing and softening effects. In the morning I usually just rinse my face with water unless it feels like I need another cleanse. It is recommended for dry skin types especially to skip the morning cleanse - your skin won’t be dirty in the morning and over-cleansing can make your skin even drier.

  5. If your skin is dehydrated and not dry you may breakout even though your skin feels dry. Be sure to look for facial oils and moisturizers that don’t contain comedogenic (pore-clogging) oils. Earth Love Cosmetics uses only non-comedogenic oils that work well for all skin types. You can check the comedogenic rating of oils using this online resource.

  6. Use cool or lukewarm water to wash your face. Apply serums and other products in order from lightness to heaviness.

  7. Be sure to exfoliate your skin regularly to remove dead skin cells so your moisturizer and other products are not blocked from reaching the surface of your skin. For dry and sensitive skin, exfoliate 1-2 times per week. For normal to oily skin it is recommended to exfoliate 2-3 times per week. Fruit enzymes, like those contained in our Treatment Cleanser, are a great option for natural exfoliating.

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