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  • Sarah Page

About Earth Love Cosmetics

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Want healthy skin that glows? Would you love to hear "where'd you get that skin?" Are you interested in natural skincare products that are a joy to use? If so, you're in the right place!

If you're like me you want your skin to look beautiful, but you don't want to use products that contain toxic ingredients. You've probably tried many skincare products which promised certain results that never materialized. Maybe you've tried shopping for natural skincare products, but when you read ingredient lists you see scientific names of chemicals you've never heard of. Even when the ingredients are all natural you're not sure if they really work.

You're a busy person and don't have a lot of time to research ingredients. You need products that are straightforward and work well. What you really crave are products that are easy to believe in and relate to, products designed for you, with attention paid to countless details from ingredient source to containers and packaging with minimal environmental impact.

I want these things too, which is why I decided to take matters into my own hands...literally! My name is Sarah Page and I’m proud to offer Earth Love Cosmetics skincare, a straightforward line of natural skincare products each containing between 3 and 7 ingredients. Every ingredient I use is natural and you’ll be familiar with most of them, like oats and honey. All ingredients are described on my website, so even if you’re not familiar with zeolite you can learn why I use it in my Treatment Cleanser.

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Skincare with benefits...

I use every product myself and my skin has never looked better (well not since my 20s, before I spent so much time at the beach and *gasp* smoked cigarettes and basically enjoyed myself for another 20 years). I've quit smoking and wear suncreen religiously but I'll never have the same skin I did when I was 20... and that's ok! I can still have healthy, glowing skin, without using toxic or socially irresponsible ingredients and packaging, and so can you!

Not only do I choose to use natural ingredients, I'm also selective about sourcing my ingredients from reputable companies. I choose fair trade and organic when possible and when it matters most, and I refuse to use certain natural ingredients that are allergens (like safflower oil), are potentially hazardous to laborers (like castor oil), or unsustainably grown (such as palm oil). For the face I only use non-comedogenic oils. My facial oils do not have a strong scent because I use a small amount of essential oil solely for the skin benefits to avoid irritation.

As an entrepreneur I'm taking things slowly and ensuring I get things right in little steps before advancing to the next thing. As an independent maker using small batch production methods I'm able to innovate and pivot in ways large companies cannot. I don't cut corners on matters that are core to my values.

Love the planet you're on and the skin you're in...

I grew up on a small farm with ponies and chickens. I once watched my mother bring a drowned baby chick back to life with a hair dryer. I currently live in San Francisco with my husband Steven and our two cats, Chloe and Leo. I'm a California girl from Connecticut and enjoy swimming in the bay, hiking and practicing yoga.

Take the stress out of shopping for skincare products. Heck, take the stress out of your usual skincare routine! Join other customers who tell me using my products is like going to the spa.

Morgan, the Bay Area Beauty Blogger loves the Cleansing Facial Oil and Gentle Cleanser: "The Gentle Cleanser has a soft, grainy texture. I love that it’s a solid cleanser, making it easy and ideal to travel with. Just add water and this powdery cleanser melts into a face wash.The Cleansing Facial Oil is self-explanatory. It has an oily consistency that is more on the watery side, rather than on the thicker, gooey side. It feels light, not like it’s going to immediately clog your pores. Don’t worry, it won’t! Being an oil cleanser, it removes makeup with ease." Read her full review here.

Starr @skinbystarr on Instagram "absolutely loves" our Cleansing Facial Oil and writes: "In all honesty it's hard for me to use up products, but I got this last month and really love it. The slip is amazing and it does such a great job at taking off all my makeup. It has watermelon seed oil which is an ingredient I'm in love with..."

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