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  • Sarah Page

Product Review: Daytox Aqua Moisture

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

I was recently in Frankfurt, Germany on a business trip and thought to see what I could find for natural skincare products. Europe seems to be ahead of the US in regards to banning toxic ingredients in cosmetics and so I thought I might be able to find some cutting edge natural products. A quick internet search led me to a chain called Douglas.

Wow, Douglas is enormous. It's like Sephora but with 3 or 4 floors instead of 1. A lot of the brands were familiar and I spent some time studying products from The Ordinary but could not decide which would be best for me and so skipped them altogether. Then I discovered the "natural skincare" corner. I wanted to find a hydrating serum because my skin has been extra dry lately. I use a hydrating serum from the spa where I get my facials, but it's costly and contains some chemical ingredients I'm not sure about.

I spent quite some time reading descriptions and ingredient lists and finally found a product that suited me. "Aqua Moisture" from Daytox, a German brand, fit the bill with its fairly short list of mostly natural ingredients and no chemical ingredients I could easily discern as ones to avoid. Considering Europe's stricter rules about chemicals in skincare I figured this is a safe bet. I liked the texture when I tried some on my hand and have been loving it since. It's not the serum I was looking for, but it's a nice moisturizer to use as the last step in my skincare routine, over my serums and facial oils. It effectively locks in moisture without being greasy, and is non-irritating. It's also a pretty color and has a nice earthy scent, though those are just extras as the most important thing to me is the effectiveness and green-ness of my skincare products. The price was reasonable at about $30 for 50ml or almost 2 oz, and I like the glass jar approach for sustainability. Click on an image below to launch the gallery and see the photos full size.


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