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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

After gifting some of our products to skincare bloggers, we're pleased with the positive feedback they've been sharing. Here's a few highlights...

Karina @my_skincare_love on Instagram loves our Cleansing Facial Oil and Gentle Cleanser!

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Barbara @cleanbeautyblog on Instagram also loves our Cleansing Facial Oil.

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Starr @skinbystarr on Instagram "absolutely loves" our Cleansing Facial Oil and writes: "In all honesty it's hard for me to use up products, but I got this last month and really love it. The slip is amazing and it does such a great job at taking off all my makeup. It has watermelon seed oil which is an ingredient I'm in love with..."

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Morgan, the Bay Area Beauty Blogger loves the Cleansing Facial Oil and Gentle Cleanser as well: "The Gentle Cleanser has a soft, grainy texture. I love that it’s a solid cleanser, making it easy and ideal to travel with. Just add water and this powdery cleanser melts into a face wash.The Cleansing Facial Oil is self-explanatory. It has an oily consistency that is more on the watery side, rather than on the thicker, gooey side. It feels light, not like it’s going to immediately clog your pores. Don’t worry, it won’t! Being an oil cleanser, it removes makeup with ease." Read her full review here.

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