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  • Sarah Page

Face + Oil = Yay!

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

I want to have nice skin. I had nice skin most of my life, but that was a gift of youth which I abused. I smoked cigarettes and worshipped the sun, ate junk food, etc. As I have grown older (I’m in my early 40s) I’ve developed “skin concerns” and “signs of aging.” One of these concerns has been my pores. They were taunting me while looking large and often dirty - until lately, and I owe it all to oil!

Like many people, when I was a kid I was told oil causes pimples and not to touch my face or eat potato chips because the oil would be bad for my skin. I’ve even had a nurse esthetician tell me that I should not use oil for my skin type. And yes sometimes our skin produces too much oil and acne forms as a result. But natural plant oils can also be used to balance our natural oil production, and many oils contain powerful elements like antioxidants and fatty acids that benefit our skin and are anti-aging.

I’ve done lots of research and tried many products for my pores. Nothing helped my blackheads. I would get a facial and have blackheads within an hour. I would use expensive face masks, salicylic acid, laser genesis treatments, steam baths, and innumerable other products. I started blending a face oil with Argan, Rosehip, Pomegranate and Kalahari oils. I used this blend as a moisturizer day and night. Much to my surprise, after a few weeks of using this face oil blend my pores are clear and smaller in size. I actually look younger. I had pore issues at the top of my nose and brow that made me look wrinkly in that area and all that has cleared up. My skin glows with a youthful radiance which is a nice bonus.

My sister has used the face oil also and says she "always feels so much better after using it, like it's a spa treatment." She puts a drop or two in her hands and breathes it in before patting it on her face.

Photo of two women in botanical greenhouse

At the Biltmore Conservatory in North Carolina with my sister

But wait there’s more: I’ve started wearing makeup regularly in the past year. To wash my face I’ve been using homemade natural cleansing powders or grains which provide gentle cleansing and exfoliating. I read about the oil cleansing method and didn’t think much of it or that it would work for me. But one night on a whim, following success with the face oil, and after using my regular cleanser, I grabbed a cotton round, put a few drops of my face oil on it and wiped my face with it. When I looked at the cotton round I saw a lot of makeup had been removed. So I washed my whole face that way. It felt great and didn’t make me break out and I was confident my skin had been thoroughly cleansed. This is now my go-to method for cleaning my face after wearing makeup, which is most days.

I asked my sister to try this experiment, using face oil I made for her after using her normal cleanser, and she had the same result. Try it for yourself! You may be amazed how much makeup your normal cleansing routine leaves behind.

I’ll be making at least two oil-based face products, a cleansing oil and a moisturizer. If you don’t wear makeup you might not need the cleansing oil, though you could use it a couple times a week for the benefits it provides.

I will also be making gentle powder cleansers and a face scrub which are good for when you’re not wearing makeup or want to soothe or exfoliate your skin. Did you know you can also wash your face with honey? Raw, unfiltered honey makes a great gentle face wash, I’ve shared this tip with several friends and family members who love it!

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