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love the planet you're on and the skin you're in™

We make clean, natural skincare essentials using soul-ly earth-derived ingredients, and we have the best possible safety rating. Selling high-quality effective products that work for all skin types, including sensitive, at accessible competitive prices. We're on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of the skincare routine. Located in San Francisco, CA. 

Earth Love Cosmetics


How do we define "natural" and "earth-derived ingredients"?

When we refer to our products as "natural," we mean they contain ingredients derived from nature.


By "earth-derived ingredients," we mean things like plant oils, powders and grains that come from the earth. When you look at the ingredient lists of our products, you should be familiar with everything listed. We define each ingredient in the product descriptions on our website, so you can easily learn about any of the natural ingredients you aren't familiar with (and learn more about the benefits of ingredients you are familiar with!).

We prioritize sustainable, and organic ingredients. Our products are stored in recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable containers with eco-friendly labels. We don't use any plastic in our shipping materials.